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Best chiropractorChiropractor Dr. Katie Parks and Chiropractor Dr. Courtney Law are proud to serve their community with specialized and advanced spinal correction and prenatal care. They love to see all of their patients reach their greatest potential physically through their expert chiropractic care. Dr. Katie Parks, Dr. Courtney Law and their team look forward to seeing you soon. Click to schedule an appointment today!

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor ColumbiaWe do more than just “cracking” your neck. Chiropractic treatments help realign the spine and its vertebra thus allowing for optimum communication through the bodies nerve channels. One can easily see that the spine is the highway to health. When the spine is out of alignment, it creates barriers of communication between the nervous system and the brain, causing physical discomfort. This discomfort can create a myriad of symptoms that can negatively impact one’s life on a daily basis; headaches, muscle spasms, chronic sinusitis, back issues, and quite honestly anything that prevents you from moving your body they way you should be able to.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments not only assist to relieve pains and discomfort, but they also improve the immune system. It's more difficult to combat infection and maintain your body healthy when your immune system is down. These chiropractic treatments are known as adjustments, and they assist to free up and unlock injured nerves in order for them to properly flow. They also boost the immune system in order for it to help your body remain strong and healthy. Spinal chiropractic adjustments aid in reducing pain and increasing the body's natural ability to heal on its own by correcting faulty communication between the brain and spinal cord. These precise spine adjustments help to unblock the switchboard, which controls communication between different nerve pathways and restores communication with the brain once it is free of interference.

Prenatal Care

Chiropractor Dr. Parks and Chirorpactor Dr. Law, along with all of our chiropractic staff, recognize and honor the power that is given to women in their ability to grow and give life to another. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times for a woman to experience. Going through the various phases of growing a body inside your own can leave one with, let’s just say, uncomfortable, exhausting, and sometimes trying times physically which can be exacerbated by complications for some. No woman’s pregnancy is like any others, and even for one woman, each pregnancy will likely be different. The female body goes through many changes throughout her life, but during pregnancy, there are obviously many more, crammed into a 9-month period. Increase in hormones, water retention, diet changes, inability to sleep etc. can leave for some interesting sensations on the mother. Not to mention the weight of a growing baby body, resting on or up against the back, rib cage or pelvic region. It is not uncommon for this gift of life, to create discomfort as the baby grows inside the womb.

One of the best ways to alleviate pregnancy discomfort is through chiropractic care. This is a gentle, effective, drug free way to help mother and baby grow together in the healthiest way possible. Not only do we help the expectant mother feel less discomfort, but we can also aid in the labor and delivery. It has been shown that the amount of labor time for those who avail themselves of regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy has decreased by about 24-39%. Not to mention, the birthing process can be quite traumatic on both mother and baby. Women and newborns benefit greatly from our care shortly after birth as there is lots of movement in bones in the birthing of a child.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Columbia SC ChiropractorA child’s spine is just as important as the adult spine, if not more so. In fact, for your little one, regular care is a great foundation for their overall development. Babies are always moving or squirming, as they are stimulated by the world around them, so it is easy for their little malleable spines to get misaligned. It is imperative to protect their precious spines with more than just cradling them, but with care to ensure their body’s development is growing nice and strong. Regular treatments can help in detecting any issues early on as well.

There are some who believe that our attention is unnecessary for youngsters, but the opposite is true. Chiropractic treatment gives a solid foundation for their health. Toddler and child runners take more spills and falls than one can imagine. As an adult, there's no doubt you've witnessed small children fall and have been able to walk away "feeling fine" after doing so. Children can literally bounce their bodies off walls and the ground and they sometimes walk away "feeling great." The bodies of humans and other higher primates are resilient, but they can't bounce back from everything. However, there may have been trauma or movement in the spine or its vertebrae even if their bodies are extremely sturdy. Not to mention that, as children grow older, especially in today's world where iPads, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, or even avid readers exist, it is very easy for them to suffer from head and neck problems due to frequent bending/leaning forward. Our chiropractic medical practices are non-invasive and safe chiropractic spine adjustments are performed. Chiropractic treatment is required throughout infancy to adolescence. Let's not forget that babies fall forward before they can walk, rough-housing with their siblings, carrying schoolbags, or participating in sports. Some of the things we do every day might cause spinal misalignment, which can lead to problems and disorders later on. While care does assist in reducing pain, the longer you wait, the more time it will take to heal.

Are you struggling with pain? Are you feeling exhausted and stressed out from a hectic lifestyle? You're not alone. At MaxLiving Columbia, we understand that sometimes it's hard to find relief from chronic pain or stiffness. That's why we have created a chiropractic adjustment process unlike any other in the area - a personalized approach that focuses on getting your body back into alignment so that it can heal itself without putting unnecessary strain on its systems.

Your first appointment with our chiropractor will include an initial consultation and a thorough examination for any existing issues or potential causes of discomfort so that we may establish the proper treatment strategy for you. We will develop a treatment program after the initial consultation that is suited to your needs. MaxLiving Columbia chiropractors utilize cutting-edge therapies and equipment to provide you with a pleasant, safe experience that is unlike anything else patients receive at a doctor's office or hospital for medical treatment. Our chiropractor's objective isn't only to help you get well; it is also to deliver exceptional client service through honesty and education.

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